Taking A Limo From Vancouver To Whistler Is A Great Start To Your Ski Holiday

While visiting Whistler in the summer is a great way to see the gorgeous mountain and there are plenty of things to do, there is nothing quite like seeing the village in the winter. You may have decided to take a ski holiday in this popular destination and a limo might be top on your list to reach it. There are some great reasons to hire a limo instead of driving yourself and here are just a few reasons why. Read More 

Solo Traveller? Make Safety A Priority During Your Next Motel Visit

The adage that there's safety in numbers is true, but if you're travelling solo, you don't have to feel that your safety is compromised. Whether away from home for business or traveling on a solo road trip, a number of tips will ensure that you're safe from the time you check into your motel to the time you get back in the car the next morning. A key way to increase your safety is to research area motels in advance and be sure to book one with favourable reviews and family-friendly features. Read More 

Being A “Good” Tourist

Tourists often get a bad rap. According to some critics, tourists are loud and rude, often damaging the very sites and monuments they came to see. As a responsible individual and all around nice person, you do not want to be considered a bad tourist. The next time you go on a trip, take care to make your behavior above reproach. Politeness You know enough to always be polite, but in your excitement at traveling to new and wonderful places, you may forget your manners. Read More 

Tips For Staying At A Hotel On A Budget

Are you getting ready to travel and want to stay in a nice hotel room that will not cause you to go over your spending budget for the trip? You can actually end up with a room that is better than you expected, as well as keep more money in your wallet while you are on vacation. There are a few helpful tips listed in this article that you can consider when renting a hotel room that may help you meet your needs. Read More 

Planning A Hotel Visit? Think About These Ways You Can Get A Free Room Upgrade

If you're starting to put together plans for a trip and have heard about how some people are able to upgrade their hotel room for free, it's important to know that luck has nothing to do with this success. People who take the right series of steps can often find themselves enjoying an upgraded room that can make their hotel visit more enjoyable. While being polite and asking at the right time can help you get this upgrade, preparation begins before you even book your room. Read More